A True Goan

A True Goan
Met an old school friend some days back and we eventually sat down at a coffee shop to recollect all our good old memories.. He’s based in Portugal for the past 4 years now (made his Portuguese passport from me itself).

As we were conversing he appeared to be really cross at the fact that some people consider him not to be a true Goan, someone termed to be a traitor or not the son of the soil.

Now what makes a person a true Goan accoring to you?

Just cause of the reason he got a Portuguese passport and migrated out of Goa does it make him the traitor? Or does it make his love for Goa less?

Maybe he just wanted to feed his family, or start his career, or just get money’s worth for the work he does.. Maybe he just wants to live a higher standard life?

Staying back in this beautiful state wont make a much difference either! Ofcourse everyone cant be Nelson Mandela.. And to top it of he seemed to be a very dedicated Goan, passionate about his mother tongue and culture.

Decision is yours.. But for us in Pereira’s Portuguese Connection, Goans outside Goa are Goans too.

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