A complicated case ‘Only few translations and a discharge card were in hand

“A complicated case ‘Only few translations and a discharge card were in hand’. But a strong recommendation from my brother that Elvino is the right guy for me who was positive in getting my registration done. But few calls to others in the field showed only dismay and complications. I laid my hope in his hands for almost 9 months, my calls were attended at times. Sometimes unanswered.. diverted.. Frustration mounted and hope was fading but he wont lie. Hope prevails and at last he calls up marcello it is done! An amazing news, registration done. This guy and his fellow consultant in portugal are worthy of their services to the people of goa and especially difficult cases like mine. I strongly recommend Elvino and his Portuguese Connection. Hope his business grows to high heights!”

-Lawrence Marcello.

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Going to Europe by fake papers done by some Fake/Unregistered agents? Think twice

According to the DailyMail, A UK based daily newspaper repoted a real incident that 3,000 Indians got into the UK with fake papers sold by Portuguese fake agents. Portuguese police and the UK’s Home Office and National Crime Agency have gathered evidence indicating they obtained the passports with false birth and marriage certificates provided by the fake agents.

Therefore we at Pereira’s Portuguese Connection, want to bring to your notice to make it a 100% safe thing that you are dealing with a registered agent when it comes to making a Portuguese passport or obtaining a visa for your own safety.

The consequences include getting immediately deported from the respective European country as soon as it is brought to the notice of the Portuguese Government. And to top it off, the Portuguese Government has introduced new measures to stamp out such frauds in the future making it a very strict policy.

Pereira’s Portuguese Connection is proud to say that we deal with our clients work in the most ethical, clean and principled manner. Knowing the fact that a little of irresponsible behaviour from our part can lead to huge inconvenience in the future to our clients.

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A True Goan

A True Goan
Met an old school friend some days back and we eventually sat down at a coffee shop to recollect all our good old memories.. He’s based in Portugal for the past 4 years now (made his Portuguese passport from me itself).

As we were conversing he appeared to be really cross at the fact that some people consider him not to be a true Goan, someone termed to be a traitor or not the son of the soil.

Now what makes a person a true Goan accoring to you?

Just cause of the reason he got a Portuguese passport and migrated out of Goa does it make him the traitor? Or does it make his love for Goa less?

Maybe he just wanted to feed his family, or start his career, or just get money’s worth for the work he does.. Maybe he just wants to live a higher standard life?

Staying back in this beautiful state wont make a much difference either! Ofcourse everyone cant be Nelson Mandela.. And to top it of he seemed to be a very dedicated Goan, passionate about his mother tongue and culture.

Decision is yours.. But for us in Pereira’s Portuguese Connection, Goans outside Goa are Goans too.

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